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Frequently Asked Questions

From the time of placing your order to receiving it, it should be about 1-3 weeks to reach your hands!
A status shouldn't say pending for more than 4 days. Please message customer support if you think your status should have updated to payment received. Our customer support will check on this issue right away and sort everything out with you personally.
Yes, we pride ourselves in our resellers and reseller rates. Rates depend on the number of people in your order. Prices get better the more people in an order. We generally have a '50off' coupon active most of the time. For questions on rates, message customer support for exact answers depending on all details in your order.
We use shipping methods based on customer location and needs. We use about every shipping method imaginable.
We do not recommend performing a bend test. This is not a valid thing to do and no ID is meant to bend, not even real ones. Yes it will bend but it is not promised that it will not crease or develop a defect.