Choose your desired payment method when you place your order. At checkout the payment information will tell you how to pay and where to pay. If you chose WU you will be supplies a western union name to send the money to. If you chose Bitcoin you will be supplied with a bitcoin address to pay. All bitcoin payments are automatic.

With WU payments, it takes 1-4 days longer than a bitcoin payment. They take longer to process than bitcoin so please expect a slight delay with all WU payments.

We currently offer 9 states and are always looking to add and upgrade. In the next few months we will being updating our current selection as well as adding up to 5 more for customers to choose from! Our products are listed on the website under the 'products' tab.

Shipping generally takes 1-3 weeks. No production or shipping occurs on the weekends, so if an order is placed during the week, the process is sped up significantly. We take pride in fast shipping for customer convenience.